Terms and conditions of use


Ordering buyer must click button "cart". When ordering customer chooses suitable way of delivery and verify that the recipient data. After clicking "I confirm my order" on the buyer's email account is sent to a prepayment . Account to prepay also be downloaded from an online store Comet.ee. Sales contract shall be considered concluded if the buyer within 2 days transferred to the account Comet.ee amount subject to payment. Orders executed only after receipt of 100 % payment if the buyer is not otherwise specified .


Seller is responsible for the lack of conformity to the contract , which occur within two years from the date of transfer to the Purchaser.

During the first six months from the date of transfer to the Purchaser assumes that the non-conformity was present at the time of transfer to the Purchaser if such an assumption is not contrary to the nature of the goods or defect. (VÕS § 218)

During the first six months , Seller must prove that the marriage is not a lack of production. Over the next 1.5 years buyer must prove that the marriage is the lack of production .

Product warranty card is the bill emailed to buyer through email.

When a defect Buyer shall notify the Seller by sending an e-mail address : info@comet.ee, and provide the following informations : name , contact details and the alleged defect . Appropriate application must be sent within 2 months after discovery of the defect . Seller is not responsible for :

  1. caused by the fault or negligence of the Buyer damage to the goods ;
  2. defects caused by the use of the goods not for the intended purpose ;
  3. for natural wear and tear of the goods at its normal use .

Privacy policy

When using the site Comet.ee, Buyer shall give its clear and deliberate consent of the Seller to the processing of personal data.

Seller agrees to use the personal data provided by the Buyer only when ordering the Purchaser and not open to third parties.

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